McDonald’s reduces the number of franchise

All of us know McDonald’s company. For sure, it’s a world-wide fast food chain that connecting people from different countries. I mean that everywhere you can find McDonald’s. But nowadays this giant company wants to change the number of their restaurants, they want to reduce them. So the company introduces new approaches and management strategy.

Fast food giant McDonald’s is known for its loyalty to the entrepreneurs who want to buy a franchise. At the same time, for the businessman does not necessary to have a large network of cafes or college essay writing services – just one or two will be absolutely enough.


However, in recent years, the corporation began to pay more attention to cooperation with big companies. They more likely will deal with big, serious company than with small businesses. Since 2014 the number of owners of McDonald’s franchises reduced to 2.6%, while the number of franchised institutions increased by 1.2%.

According to some participants and market experts, McDonald’s plans for the company – reducing the number of small franchisees and their absorption by larger companies. This will greatly facilitate the monitoring work and its complexity.

In April, CEO Steve Easterbrook said that McDonald’s strive to consolidate its restaurant chain and its unification under the leadership of a few operators.

Other participants of the market of fast food, such as Burger King or Pizza Hut, also have a large network of franchisees. However, if the largest franchise network of McDonald’s in the United States has 69 institutions, and then Burger King is bigger. They have 727 cafes, and at Pizza Hut – 1240. This type of work is better for many large companies, as it helps to control the operation of a limited number of partners.

Several decades ago, McDonald’s company sold the franchise only for few companies. While other chains prefer to subordinate whole regions of a single operator. This strategy has been caused by plans to expand its presence in the market. Today in the USA there are more than 14,000 McDonald’s restaurants. That’s why the company thinks about other models of management and closure of inefficient institutions.

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Padua University (Università degli Studi di Padova)


Education in Italy is the acquisition of knowledge in educational institutions with a worldwide reputation in the creative atmosphere, among the historical sites of the legendary Rome, Florence, Milan and Venice. Italy is the first in the list of countries to receive knowledge in the field of fine arts and design.

Italians prefer to study on the faculties:

international relations;
Foreigners often study:

Padua University (Università degli Studi di Padova) is one of the best universities in Europe and Italy. Its motto is “Universa universis patavina libertas”. The main building is located in the historic center of Padua – Palazzo del Bo.

There are more than 65,000 students, studying different subjects on various faculties, more than 2,000 teachers and up to 2,500 administrative staff. Padua University students are often looking for online inquiry “assignment writers“.

This is the second oldest (after Bologna) University of medieval Europe, which was mentioned in 1222 for the first time. Padua University was founded by teachers who left the University of Bologna because of disagreements with leadership. In the Middle Ages, the University was very popular – students from around the world come there to receive knowledge.

Nowadays, there are 13 faculties.


Faculty of Humanities and Philosophy,
Faculty of engineering,
Faculty of Law,
Faculty of psychology,
Faculty of physics and mathematics,
Faculty of natural sciences,
Faculty of medicine and surgiery, and others.
Famous alumni and professors

Nicolaus Copernicus, Pico della Mirandola, Torquato Tasso, Nikolaj Kuzanskij, Cesare Lombroso, Pietro Bembo, etc.

Padua University was a center of secular science in the Renaissance. Law, astronomy and medicine was taught by outstanding scientists of that time. Galileo Galilei taught astronomy at the University, and exactly there he made his first telescope with a threefold increase. With the help of these devices, Galileo first saw and began to study the satellites of Jupiter.

Anyone may enter the building of the University. The university complex has several science museums – anthropology, geology and paleontology, zoology, historical, physics and others. There is the famous anatomical theater of Fabricius, which is also open for everybody.

But to get inside you can only with a guided tour. It cost 5 or 6 euros, and is held every half an hour. All the excursions are both in Italian and English (alternately). It is prohibited to take photos inside.

About the author: Peter Salmon is a freelance writer, who studies archeology and history. He likes watching historical movies, playing basketball and travelling.

Ways To Reduce Stress

Uppsala universitet Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt

  1. Avoid messing up your classroom space and scattering utensils. You may think that a little color can help, but too bright a shade, on the contrary, distracts attention. You may be a proud teacher who wants to put student’s work on display, but be careful with overly cluttered areas as they produce a sloppy impression. Organize your surroundings so that you can give dissertation writing help without fear of being distracted by the pictures on the wall.
  2. Though you may think that sitting still is not what young people do, there are still ways to allow fidgeting in class. You can use cushions instead of the usual sits (but see if the cushion isn’t too soft as it may cause the irresistible sleeping impulse) and sofas instead of chairs. Play a game that involves moving a lot and don’t forget about exercise balls!
  3. Look out for too much noise. Some kids love loud pieces, but others may feel uncomfortable when hearing extraneous noise. Organize your music area in the far end of the room so that the surfaces do not reflect on the sound, creating disco effect, and remember it is still a lesson, not your personal fun game. Know what your students feel and don’t be afraid to start a discussion on what is a perfect way to combine work and play. They will be grateful if you truly care about their well-being and do not take opinions for granted.
  4. Do not be too hasty. Some teachers have a lot in store and hurry from one task to another like there is no time at all. There are students who simply can’t keep up with the rhythm and need time to focus. Allow them to adjust and be sure to provide guidance when needed. Completing assignments in a rush is not the best way to conduct one’s lesson. You don’t have to worry, however, if you are a natural in situations like this, knowing where to stop if the group needs a slowdown.
  5. Think about your students’ self-esteem. If you don’t know the class yet, try different activities like switching game roles and taking leadership positions. Talk to students after class to know what the impressions and learn more about their interests and hobbies. Encourage kids to brainstorm when you are having a round table talk and include easier questions in complex tests so that they can get an ‘A’ just like others do!
  6. Add creativity to your everyday lessons. If you see that things get out of control, change the game. ’10 jumps around the classroom’ will quickly distract the pupils from ruining your work plan. Besides, it will be pure fun! You can apply breathing techniques and meditation if it helps to self-regulate. Use hand signals to avoid interrupting and come up with your own system if you think that raising hands is too old school.

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